Dave-Carter“Kuvy knows how to connect her clients with the media outlets that make a difference. Her work with the National Bison Association resulted in 160 column inches of positive coverage in the food section of the Sunday New York Times. Similar stories in other national news outlets were all facilitated by Kuvy, and were very valuable in helping to connect bison producers with the American public.”
– Dave Carter, Executive Director, National Bison Association

“Kuvy is our ideal brand evangelist. Her personal and professional passions help her forge, grow and maintain amazing relationships in the Colorado food, wine and cheese worlds. These relationships have led to increased exposure and partnerships for Door to Door Organics. She’s a natural networker, adept at introducing her clients to the right people and making connections that count. She has helped us create unique ideas, events and focused pitches that resonate with our target market and the media. She’s smart, driven, organized and someone you look forward to just having on your team.”
– Cambria Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing, Door to Door Organics

“Kuvy is one of those magical people who somehow manages to make hard work look effortless and even joyful. She’s a fountain of good, workable, and creative ideas that always hit the right tone, whether the goal is a memorable launch party or a “simple” press release. Plus she’s simply a delight to work with, both personally and professionally.”
– Elisa Bosley, freelance writer for publications such as Sunset Magazine, and previous Editor in Chief, Delicious Living Magazine

Eugenia-Bone“Kuvy is smart and beautiful; she is passionate about her work and she gets the job done. I wish I’d hired her years ago. “
– Eugenia Bone, cookbook author and freelancer writer for The New York Times, Saveur, etc.

“When you hire ROOT PR, you’re getting:

CONNECTION: Kuvy and her team have wonderful personal relationships with people across several fields, and are excellent at connecting people with each other and building relationships to everyone’s mutual benefit.

QUALITY: They don’t get behind any product or service they can’t get behind 100%. They’re much more than just lip service and PR blasts.

PASSION: because ROOT PR is fully invested in each of their clients and their work, they dedicate their time, energy, creativity and ideas wholeheartedly.

THE REAL DEAL: ROOT PR makes genuine connections, and tailors their efforts directly to the person they have a relationship with, making sure that appropriate materials get to the appropriate person. They love what they do and it shows. They’re down to earth, wonderful to work with, and give their all to their clients.”
– Rebecca Caro, Managing Editor American Bungalow; freelance writer for Denver Post, 5280 Magazine, etc.

Lacy-Boggs“As food editor for the largest publication in Boulder County, ROOT PR was always my ace in the hole. Any time I needed to feature a restaurant in the magazine, I always went to ROOT PR first, because I knew I could count on them to be representing the best restaurants in the area, and to be helpful and proactive getting whatever I needed for my story — which is not true of every PR person in my experience! ROOT PR not only makes it easy for the press to work with their clients, they also do so with unmatched grace and style.”
– Lacy Boggs, previous Food Editor, YellowScene Magazine

Jessica-Mehring“If you need to get the word out about your business, ROOT PR is the agency you want to use. They’re dedicated, creative, and most of all, connected. Owner Kuvy has spent her career building solid relationships with key media people. When you entrust your public relations to ROOT PR, you can be sure she will do everything in her power (and more!) to make sure you get the exposure you need to increase traffic and boost profits.”
– Jessica Mehring, Owner, Horizon Peak Consulting

Shane-DeRolf“Kuvy is a rare talent. We often bring her into the conversation well before we’re even thinking about formal PR to get her perspective on things.

She is a big thinker and an equally big doer. If you’re considering a PR agency that delivers a lot more than just PR, run, don’t walk, to ROOT PR.”
– Shane DeRolf, Founder, ANIMALOOZA

“Kuvy brings a passion for food to all of her projects. She makes a genuine connection with her clients and the journalists she works with. It’s a pleasure to collaborate with her.”
– Kristen Browning-Blas, former Food Editor, The Denver Post

“Kuvy’s experience and dedication brought our business to life! Her experience and strategic approach generated many successful partnerships and resulted in great exposure for us. I wholeheartedly recommend her services.”
– Camille Bradbury, Marketing Director, Bradford Heap Restaurants

jaymemoye“Kuvy and ROOT PR are always a pleasure to work with—professional, accessible, and willing to go one step further than expected. Whether I’m writing an article for a local magazine like 5280 Magazine, or nationals like Men’s Journal, I know I can count on them to deliver the information and experts I need, every time, on time.”
– Jayme Moye, writer and editor

“I’ve known Kuvy for a few years now, and every event or media party she puts together is always flawless and well executed. She makes my life easier by keeping me up-to-date on food and restaurant happenings in the area, but she also is a warm and kind person who loves her work and clients. Kuvy is always a blast to work with, and I can’t wait for many more years (and food and drinks) to share together.”
– Grace Boyle of Eater Denver and www.gracefullplate.com

Alex-Gil“Kuvy helps me to see aspects of my business that I don’t. She provides insights that help my coaching business achieve higher results, be successful using social media and online tools, and helps me make the right connections with people and the press. She helps me to voice my message to more people in my community. She is a very positive force that aligns well with me and my business.”
– Alex Gil, owner, Vitale Coaching

“As President of the Board of Directors for Pollination Planet, Kuvy has generously donated her time and talents to help create a successful and impactful organization. Her passion for food, along with her outstanding public relations skills, have helped us grow and prosper as a nonprofit.”
– Gretchen Heine, Executive Director, Pollination Planet

Profile2“ROOT PR generated an interest in Salt bistro and Colterra Food & Wine restaurant on local, regional, and national stages, and delivered consistent and applicable media placements for us. Not only did they help us achieve newspaper, magazine and TV coverage, but the connections they made and the relationships they helped us to build are ongoing, and priceless.”
– Evan Faber, previous beverage director of Bradford Heap Restaurants

“Kuvy’s positive and energetic approach to PR was a great benefit to us. She was able to increase our media exposure, and through her efforts we had a lot of interest in our projects, from print coverage to television. Kuvy’s very well connected in the media field, with a wide range of contacts.”
– Sara Martinelli, owner of Three Leaf Concepts

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